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Fun fact
The name Ekerling was made up by my grandfather and his brother. Before that his last name was Eriksson.

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Deep dive into some of my ongoing and previous projects.

Project examples:

School Projects

To learn more JavaScript I started to study a Front End eductation 2023-2025.

Ecommerce website in React

I created a webshop page where users can browser products, add to cart, a support page, register/login functions. The Front End website get the data to display from an backend API that I also created in Express.

Techs used: React, Tailwind, Toastify

Watch a demo website here: or check the code at Github.

The backend part has a documentation at and the code is on Github here.

Active year: 2023-now

Stylewish Influencer Blog Network

Creating websites, designing blogs, ad management, ad sales (header bidding), Wordpress management, Wordpress theme creation, Wordpress theme editing etc.

High profile influencer bloggers as in Michaela Forni,, House of Philia, Gabriella Possler and many more.

Active years: 2016-now

Michalea Forni blog

About the FORNI project

A swedish influencer wanted a new layout of her blog and a magazine website to fill with lifestyle articles. The magazine website has another domain at

These sites are created in Wordpress with a custom made theme and some extra plug-ins (for example they wanted a podcast feature that we created).

Fun fact: I was mentioned once in the blog here.

A Bite of Bitting -

Stronger in-house CRM

I developed a in-house CRM for Influencer marketeers to manage their influencer collaborations. Measuring results, automatic follow ups, API connections with Ecommerce platform and a digital showroom.

Active years: 2020-now

Stylewish Influencer Affiliate Network

Creating partnerships between ecommerce brands and influencers. Over 100 brands connected (mainly swedish) and thousands of influencers connected.

Influencers could create links to ecommerce websites and also create inspirating content with our Create Collage tool. It was built in JavaScipt and influencers could drag-n-drop their favourite products.

Active years: 2016-2021


NA-KD needed a influencer collaboration and affiliate network to manage their collaborations with Influencers.

#benakd at Instagram (150k+ posts)

Active years: 2015-2019


Nelly in 2014 needed an blogger/influencer CMS to make content creation and measurement easier for influencers.


Tech: Creation of a affiliate network, connecting/using REST API for products and orders, creation of payments


I created all UX, CSS/HTML and UI.


My role was Project Manager and Front End Developer.

Active years: 2013-now

Fashionboard (mock-up)

I had a plan for making a C2C website for used clothes. Where users could sell re-used clothes on. The site was never launched due other priorited projects. But here is a design mock-up for it. blog portal

Creation of a CMS system for blogging. Around 30-40 000 swedish blogs. Active around 2011-2017. Highest traffic around 1 000 000 users monthly.

Recently I changed the website a bit and started to offer free Wordpress sites.

Active years: 2012-2018

Blog portal started as a online fashion magazine. We had 2 half-time journalists and a couple of student journalists writing articles about fashion.

We also started with a few bloggers (3 from start). After a while we expanded with some more blogs. Then people started to emailing us every day to start new blogs. When this number exceed out of hands we opened the register form for everyone. Then the blogs took over and dominated the views and activity. We paused the magazine and continued as a blog portal.

From 2012-2015 people started over 30 000 blogs. Blogging was very popular in Sweden during this period.

The images are from Wayback Machine ( so in some images there it looks a bit off.

Some blog template mockups

These mockups were never released. Instead I started to consult for the E-commerce NELLY (

Mockup Desktop

Stylewish Fashion app

I built a iPhone app for fashionistas.

It was a app that uploaded outfits images of the top 500 fashion bloggers. And the app had ML (machine learning) to see what product the influencer wear and listed the links to the products. So the users could find products easy that they like and scroll endlessly between outfits.

I did not fly though.. Maximum 500 active daily users. But fun developing =)

My first website. Developed in PHP/HTML/CSS. Highest traffic around 1 000 000 users monthly. Unique users in one day: 130 000 (this was before mobile traffic). Today it is around 10 000 monthly.

Normally in traffic swedish traffic measurements you measure unqiue visitors (web browsers) in a week. For over 10 years has between 200-300 000 unique vistors weekly (3% of the swedish population).

Active years: 1999-now

Work history

Stylewish AB


Web dev & ad sales /

My own company, where I do consulting, ad sales etc.


2020-2022, employeed as IT Project Manager

Ecommerce /

Cure Media

2017-2021, consultant

Influencer Agency /

Influencer Blogs / header bidding / ad sales


2016-2020, consultant

Ecommerce /

Influencer CRM, Affiliate


2013-2019, consultant

Ecommerce /

Big project in JS/PHP/mySQL

About me

38 years old, Stockholm, Sweden

Studying to Front End Developer at KYH (2023-2025)

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