Check out the technology I know and work with (/uses).

Work tools

Here is what I normally use to create things.

Web Development

The technologies I prefer to work in.


I code in these apps.

VS Code extensions


Mobile browsing: Safari and Chrome. On my desktop I usually browse in Chrome with these extensions:

Design & Prototyping

Servers & Hosting


Mixed stuff


Communication & Multimedia Vol.1

My workstation is on both Mac and Windows. I have a self-build PC computer, mac laptop, iMac and and iPhone to play with. I mainly use PC, laptop and my smartphone.

PC Specs

  • CPU: Intel i7-13700F
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 4070 16 GB
  • Memory: Corsair VENGENCE DDR5 32GB 6000MHz
  • Harddrive: Samsung 980 PRO SSD 2TB
  • Screen: Curved 27 inch Samsung (and a 27 inch iMac)