About me

Since I ended High School I have been working with my websites full-time. A couple of years ago (2020) I took a job at the ecommerce Stronger and worked there almost 2 years. The last year I have been working again with my own projects, lived in the northern part of Sweden and started to study to Front End Developer.

My goal is to mainly learn more JavaScript and after studies work as a Front End Developer in Stockholm.

I have an architect personality

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test they say that I'm a INTJ personality. I have a legit interest in computers. In my freetime I hang out a lot with friends and my girlfriend. In my freetime I enjoy walks, soccer and computer games. Starcraft 2 APM is around 150.


Stuff I am familiar with:



I have been using HTML since 1995. I know how to get all 100s in the Google Chrome Lightbox tool.


Custom CSS, SCSS, Tailwind, Bootstrap


I'm learning JS right now. I'm glad I managed to get the theme change button to work on this website.


I'm well familiar with Wordpress. I can build themes, plug-ins, use Elementor/Blocksy and build Woocommerce (e-com) websites.


I'm familiar with Figma, Adobe PhotoShop and GIMP.


Digital advertising

I have worked with online advertising for over 20 years. I'm into banner ads, Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, Header Bidding.


Social media

CRM:s for influencer marketing




I have knowledge of popular databases like mySQL, mariaDB and mongoDB. I'm no expert though.


I have used Linux servers due low cost (open source) most of my live.


Creating and using API:s.

Other stuff

IT Project Manger


Git, React, npm


Communication & Multimedia Vol.1

My workstation is on both Mac and Windows. I have a self-build PC computer, mac laptop, iMac and and iPhone to play with. I mainly use PC, laptop and my smartphone.

PC Specs

  • CPU: Intel i7-13700F
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 4070 16 GB
  • Memory: Corsair VENGENCE DDR5 32GB 6000MHz
  • Harddrive: Samsung 980 PRO SSD 2TB
  • Screen: Curved 27 inch Samsung (and a 27 inch iMac)

About me

38 years old, Stockholm, Sweden

Studying to Front End Developer at KYH (2023-2025)

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