About me

Well, I like computers, money and making the world a better place.


Since I finished High School, I have been working with creating websites full-time. But around 2015 I also started consulting for swedish ecommerce companies. And a couple of years ago (2020) I took a job at the ecommerce Stronger and worked there around 2 years. After that I have been working again with my own projects, lived in the northern part of Sweden and also started to study to Front End Developer.

My goal is mainly to learn more JavaScript and after the studies ends then start to work as a Front End Developer in Stockholm or any role similar.

I have an architect personality

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test they say that I'm a INTJ personality. I have a legit interest in computers. In my freetime I hang out a lot with friends and my girlfriend. In my freetime I enjoy walks, soccer and computer games. Starcraft 2 APM is around 150-200 (APM = actions per min, )


Most of my time I have been doing front end, designing, business, management etc. I have been in a start-up atmosphere my whole working careers. Meaning I have been doing coding, designing, marketing and mangement at the same time. Depending on the present needs to the commited project.

Check my /uses to see what apps and technologies I like to work with.

The Long Story

So.. You ready?

Once upon a time, during a dark night in 1995. A young boy sat in front of a computer screen and discovered the Internet for the first time in his life. From this day, nothing would ever be the same again.

This boy realized immediately the effect this would have over the worlds communications and the old fashion media companies (linear radio, TV and books). From now on everyone could produce content, and anyone could read it instantly, without even paying.

My first website

After one week, this boy started to create his own website. 4 years later he wished for his own domain for that website (jesper.nu).

I started a religion, created jackass content (fails and pranks), made my own CD Album to get noticed but also to produce content to have something for this website, to get traffic.

The brutal truth

After a while I wrote a small statistics script to analyize the most popular content. The script worked well, but unfortunately I realized my visitors was not that interessted in me. Instead a funny story, a cute cat or a prank call was actually much more popular. So I started to collect funny content and update the website more frequently.

Between year 2002-2007, a lot of people started to have fixed Internet speed in Sweden with something called ADSL.

Internet became more fun

With faster and fixed connections, Internet users could surf the web how often they liked to and consume other types of content (movies, music and games). Streaming (in-low quality) started as well.

This, for jesper.nu meant that users could upload pictures/videos, play games, watch images/videos and interact (socializing, chatting, rate pictures, paint together). Internet and jesper.nu became more fun.

It grew

With more content jesper.nu grew a lot. It was very fun, creating content, functions, learning , but after growing from 0 to big in 15 years. Then Jesper.nu started to decrease (2010-2013) for several reasons (smartphones, Youtube and Facebook).


Then I started another website called for.me. As jesper.nu decreased, for.me grew. It became popular during a time when blogging was very common in Sweden. We have an easy-to-use interface and clean designs. It was the third most popular blogging tool in Sweden.

E-commerce clients

Since I completed High School, I have been working with my websites full-time. But around year 2014 I come in contact with a swedish e-commerce brand (since the blog site selled a lot of clothes through ads). After that I started to do external work as a consultant.


During the years I consulted other e-commerce brands as well. Mainly in affiliate and influencers areas. Affiliate was very popular when blogging was popular. But as social media grew (Instagram and Youtube mainly) influencers moved from blogs to social media platforms. And e-commerce companies could find positive revenue working with suitable influencers.

My first job

A couple of years ago (2020) I took a job at the ecommerce Stronger and worked there almost 2 years. The last year I have been working again with my own projects, lived in the northern part of Sweden and started to study to Front End Developer.

My goal is to mainly learn more JavaScript and after studies work as a Front End Developer in Stockholm.

My Ambitions

I love to create great products that benefit users and give them a happy experience.

Many digital products needs maintence and development and I am open to work on new projects.